Welcome to the
Urban Sports Hall of Fame of Syracuse, NY

Dedicated in honor of those who participate in sports in
the City of Syracuse, past, present, and future.


The Urban Sports Hall of Fame of Syracuse, NY was formed for the purpose of recognizing past and present athletes and contributors who live(d) in the urban area of the City of Syracuse, NY while participating. People, places, and things that were a part of the history of sports in Syracuse are recognized and paid tribute at the annual induction event, as well as at other functions of the Hall of Fame all throughout the year.

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  • Local sports history induction ceremonies

  • Conversations, stories, documentaries, & special live events

  • Sports newsletter pages, planned podcasts, & interviews

  • Youth community participation initiatives

  • More to come!


Spectrum Local News Segment

Thank you to John Johnson II of our local Spectrum News network for such a great piece. It is still a work in progress, but a fulfilling...

Using Our Voice

The Urban Sports Hall of Fame of Syracuse, NY is continuing to utilize our Harlow Park location as a means for free speech and outdoor...

Black Lives Matter

This is support for a group of people who have been massively discriminated against for centuries, and continue to experience overt and...

Feature Sports Page #2

In honor of the late coach Frank Maloney, a belated thank you. Hear the story told by Carmen available on video below, as well.

Welcome Video

We hope everybody is staying as safe as possible. We’re working to communicate remotely as best we can, and we will get through all of...

Feature Sports Page #1

Our debut Feature Sports Page honoring the late Frank "Pop" Harlow. The reason we chose this particular date and person is because it...



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